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What Is Construction Takeoff?

A construction takeoff refers to an estimate of the materials–this includes the quantity of each material and price of each material– needed to complete a project based on the project’s blueprint. Construction take-offs can also be referred to as “material take-off” or “quantity take-off.”

It is important to note that construction take-offs only cover the cost and quantity of material. It doesn’t include other costs such as labor cost, the storage cost of the material, logistics, and other costs that don’t involve the cost of your building material.

Most often, construction takeoffs are written for an entire project; however, you have the option of writing a take-off for a specific aspect of a project such as, a take-off for the wiring of a home, or a take-off for the plumbing of a home.

Why Is A Construction Takeoff Important?

Budget Estimation

If you are looking to build any edifice, having a construction take-off can be ideal for getting an expansive estimate of your budget for the project. This provides project managers, contractors, or the owner of the project a comprehensive overview of the cost of the project.


Suppose a contractor needs to submit a tender to a client or an investor to bid for a project. In that case, the contractor will need to perform a quantity takeoff to enable the contractor to write up a profitable yet competitive tender.

Are You In Need Of A Take-Off?

Construction takeoffs can be a labor-intensive process, and even if you can get the time, there is no guarantee that the price of the materials you have in your take-off reflects true market value. To help you ease the pain of enquiring the prices of the various construction materials needed for your project, we have a team of construction extraordinaire who is ready to take you to the process of take-off and submit your estimation take-offs with the fastest turnaround time.