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In computer-related fields, developers are computer programmers (or software developers/software engineers/coders) whose main work is developing or creating computer software using computer language. There are different types of developers.

Fullstack developers develop client and server software/programs. Besides being experts in CSS and HTML, they are also knowledgeable in programming browsers (using JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, or Vue) and servers (using python, Node, PHP, and ASP).

Other types of developers i.e., backend developers develop the back-end of sites or simply the technology that runs databases, applications, and servers. As the name suggests, frontend developers work on the front end of sites and web applications i.e., what users see/interact with. Frontend developers are experts in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, among other languages used for creating the frontend of sites and apps.

How Is It Done? How Do Developers Work?

Developers use program languages. As mentioned, different developers will use different types of languages. For instance, a frontend developer using languages like JavaScript and HTML to develop a website’s interface focused on creating the best UI UX design (UI – user interface composed of icons, buttons, and other visual elements and UX – user experience composed of an entire interaction i.e., how a website visitor interacts and feels when used).

Remote Staffing – Developer

As seen, website design and other web developer tasks are complex undertakings. Developing software, websites, and apps using different programming languages should be left to experts only since it has an implication on the usability and safety of sites and apps.

You should never hire developers who aren’t qualified and experienced. Luckily, we have some great developers globally with a proven track record. By hiring any developer in our team, you are assured of building exactly what you want, how you want it! Most importantly, you can do so immediately minus the high cost of hiring expert in-house developers.