What Are PPC Ads?

PPC ad stands for Pay-Per-Click advertisement, and this is a form of digital form advertisement where you are only charged by your advertising platform per the number of clicks you get to your advert.

The two most popular forms of PPC ads are Google ads and Facebook ads. These two companies allow advertisers to tap into their large customer base and target specific demographics tailored to their business; ensuring that your business maximizes its visibility.

PPC ads are cost-effective

PPC ads are a good value for money since you only pay for the clicks your ads attain. In essence, you are only paying for leads interested in your service/product.

They Are Measurable

After each advertisement, you can audit your campaign to identify and measure KPIs relevant to your business, enabling you to easily determine your ROI.

They Are Customizable

With Facebook and Google Ads, you have the authority to tweak your ad campaigns to suit your business’s goals. You have the option of determining the type of devices your ads should be displayed on (mobile or PCs or both) and the demographic you want to target. Giving you full control of who sees your ad.

It Is Profitable

For every $1 spent on PPC ads, you get a $2 return; this amounts to a whopping 200% ROI, giving you the best results you need. Also, you can increase your company’s brand awareness by 80% through Google ads.

Results Are Quick

Unlike SEO which takes time (about 4 months to a year) before results are actualized, PPC provides an alternative route for businesses to get instantaneous results. Therefore, if you are looking to reach out to your target audience within the shortest possible time, then PPC advertising can be a great way to jump the hurdle and get to those that matter the most to your business.

Looking For The Best Result?

As great as the benefits of PPC advertisement may sound, executing an effective PPC ad campaign and getting the results that matter to your business doesn’t come on a silver platter. It requires a lot of time, skills, and experience to drive results. Also, the cost can add up quickly if you do not know how to optimize your campaigns by weeding out unprofitable keywords that do not matter. Hence, to take the weight off your shoulder, we have a pool of experienced Google and Facebook Ads experts, who are ready to execute your campaigns on your behalf.