5 benefits of working with an offshore team

Every day we see more and more companies turning to offshore outsourcing. They do it as a way to gain access to top talent and pave their way to improve their operational efficiency while still being able to reduce their payroll costs. 

However, when we speak to various potential clients, we’ve noticed a trend in the reasons why they’re not taking this option seriously. They claim that while it has been proven to deliver results for organizations in the tech world, their industries need talent that can get to the office daily.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Technology has only made it easier for us to connect with talent around the world and add them to our teams. We live in an era where labor shortages are the new norm.

Companies are struggling to find talent with the right skills to fill a role. So what’s wrong with working with someone overseas who has the skills to support your internal team?

The fact that some people are not willing to consider hiring offshore teams only hurts their:

  • Competitiveness
  • Ability to innovate
  • Business growth.

That being said, in this blog we want to dive deep into the main benefits of having an offshore team.

5 benefits of hiring an offshore team

A quick Google search will make it clear that hiring an offshore team allows you to:

  • Access a larger talent pool
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve your turnaround times.

At Superior CS Group, we believe that we need to take a closer look at each of these benefits. That way you can fully understand the impact they will have on your operations.

Access to a larger talent pool

As we have said before, the United States is facing a talent shortage in almost every industry.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American companies are creating hundreds and thousands of jobs every month, but a large portion of them remain unfilled. They explain that the education and health services sector and the professional and business services sector consistently have the highest number of job openings.

Take a look at the open positions in your organization:

  • How long have you been trying to fill them?
  • How many candidates have you interviewed?
  • What skills are you looking for in your new hire? 

Offshore staffing provides you with a strategic solution to your need for trained and qualified professionals. Once you are open to looking beyond the borders of our country, you will see that there is a larger talent pool from which you can choose the perfect candidate to meet your business needs. 

The fact that these people live abroad does not mean that they are underqualified. In fact, in most cases, they have more skills and experience than you expected. And they are eager to work and make a living.

Reduce costs beyond payroll

When you start reviewing profiles of people from abroad, you will find that their salary expectations are significantly lower than talent in the United States. This happens for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that the cost of living in their countries is lower than the average in the US. 

As you can see, this gives you access to trained and qualified talent without hurting your payroll budget. But the savings go beyond human resources. These new hires won’t be working out of your office, so you’ll save on overhead costs such as office space, utilities, rent, and maintenance.

Improve turnaround time

Having people in different time zones can be an advantage for your business. While your in-house team is asleep or out of the office, your offshore staff will take care of projects, processes, and any pending tasks, ensuring timely and efficient task completion. 

At Superior CS Group, we believe this is a great benefit for organizations that provide customer support, deal with security or cybersecurity incidents, and e-commerce. If that’s not the case, we can help you find talent in the same time zone as you so you can easily communicate with them and have everyone working at the same time.

Focus on more important business matters

As you can fill your vacant roles, you will have more time to focus and dedicate to your business operations and core competencies that ensure the sustainability of your organization. 

However, we don’t believe you can give your offshore team a free hand. They will need oversight, guidance, and approval from senior management. However, this will take less of your time than if you had to take over some of your responsibilities.

Accelerate innovation

Using offshore staff allows you to quickly assemble a specialized team to solve a business problem, eliminating the need to train and upskill your in-house staff. This is especially important when you are about to launch a new product or service, or when niche technical skills are required. 

It also allows you to hear new and different perspectives on how to solve a problem or deal with different business situations.

Key insight

Building a successful offshore team goes beyond going on LinkedIn and hiring people from different countries. The ideal scenario is where you work with an offshore staffing agency that allows you to access top talent, filter them, and interview only those that fit your needs and company culture. They will be the ones to check if they have these qualifications, as well as if they have the computer, internet, systems, and software needed to meet your business needs.

That’s where Superior CS Group comes in. We have years of experience helping businesses from different industries find and hire the perfect candidates.